More Cool Custom Ideas, & Photos

Using digital computer aided design technology “CAD-CAM” combined with heart, spirit and creative artistry, we can design any ring you can dream of.  We have taken decades of design study and jewelry manufacturing arts and applied it to the computer age.  The results are stunning and super accurate to the original ideas.  The other great part are the renderings! These are lifelike digital images that show you exactly what the ring is going to look like before it’s made.  Any changes can be made to the design, and then you will see new photos of exactly how it will look.  Nothing is done until you approve all the design features.  When your custom piece is ready it will look EXACTLY like the photos.  Beautiful!

Here we took the outer two rows of diamonds and supplied a few more to make this beautiful 25th Anniversary Band.


These are the digital images that we use during the design stage.

1 2 3

And this is the beautiful finished product.



Here is another one, currently in work.

1 2 3 4 a b

Here she requested slightly larger diamond in the halo. We were able to easily adjust it in the design. And that’s how the final ring is going to look.

big-1 big-2

Voila!  Her beautiful new diamond ring!


5/5/2016  Our latest custom job.  Taking many diamonds out of a customers old rings, and making her a brand new piece that she designed.

Here are just the old diamonds:

Some photo ideas that she gave me:


and digital drawings using all her ideas into one ring: she loves the smooth edges of the channel, with a little space between the 3 bands of the ring.


Here are pictures of the finished product.  Our customer commented on how they looked exactly like the pictures we sent her and was very pleased.



Here’s another one that we just did.  And it came out great.  She had three round diamonds in a seting but wanted something newer and nicer, with slightly bigger diamonds in a halo. in PLATINUM.

By the way,  We use super high quality F-G Color and VS clarity FINE Cut Round Diamonds.  We can make any ring in Pink, Rose Gold, White or Yellow Gold, or PLATINUM.

a1 a2 a3 IMG_4998aIMG_4997a IMG_4996aIMG_5006a IMG_5005aIMG_5003-1a

And here’s another one we’re doing. He came in with a cell phone pic and we created this for him. pics coming soon….